25.  Anchorage, Initial Visit

Our friends, Ken, Sr. and Ken, Jr., graciously showed us around their hometown; the beautiful, exceptionally clean and nice city that is known as Anchorage.  Prior to our visit, we had never seen a such large city (just under 300,000) that was so well maintained.  The citizens of Anchorage have every reason to be very proud of their special city.  We enjoyed our stay there, in large part to the hospitality shown to us by the "Kens."

Ken, Jr. (on the right) is a very interesting fellow.  He is a weight lifter, swimmer, runner and very active in the Special Olympics.  Ken, Sr. is also very active in the Special Olympics.  In cooperation with an Alaska State Trooper he was instrumental in bringing the Special Olympics to Anchorage.  Ken, Jr. has a great sense of humor and a very upbeat attitude.  He is gainfully employed at a local branch of a national food chain.  He collects law enforcement caps and uniforms.  His hero is his uncle Greg, a retired Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff.  We found Ken, Jr. to be a delight and look forward to seeing him again in the near future.

That's a mighty fine looking moose.

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