34.   Anchorage; Wandering About

A pet reindeer that we visited with at a private home on a residential/semi-commercial street.  We know very little about reindeer, but this critter appeared to be very healthy and happy.  The excessive fencing and screening was to keep yokels from feeding it things like aluminum foil that it could not digest.  I guess that there are jerks everywhere, including Anchorage, Alaska.

We stayed at the Westmark Hotel in Anchorage for two nights before we took the train up to Fairbanks.  In Fairbanks, we stayed in the brand new, very modern and beautiful Westmark Hotel.   Returning to Anchorage from Fairbanks, we stayed for another three nights in this same Westmark Hotel.  We were very fortunate to for all five nights to get the same upper most room on the right side in this photo.  This high location allowed us to have a panoramic view of most of Anchorage.  The Westmark Hotel chain is well run and really does care about its guests.  They are also a good value.  The new Westmark Hotel in Fairbanks is a great value for an excellent hotel.  It has huge bathrooms that are very well appointed.

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