Classmates' Current Mail And e-mail Addresses

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Notice:  Because I Am Not On "The Keeper of The Lists" Approved List to Receive New and Updated Information in This Area and, Since Much of This Is Old, Outdated and Inaccurate or Incomplete, I Will Be Removing this Page In Due Course.   Admittedly, That Will Be Interpreted As a Major Victory For "The Keeper of The Lists" Ability To Withhold New and Current Information From Being Published.   She Will Have The Victory At Hand, Shortly.   As She Continues To Consolidate Her Power Base, I Sincerely Hope That She Will Put Serving The Needs Of the Class of 1956 Before Her Petty Vindictiveness.    I Have No Shame or Remorse In Declaring "The Keeper Of The Lists" as The Victor.   It Is Conceivable That Some of The Classmates May Also Be Precluded From Getting New, Current, Complete and Accurate Information in The Future.    That Is The Sad Part.   Contact "The Keeper of The Lists" and Your "Reunion Committee" for Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers, e-Mail Addresses, Obituaries, Happenings, etc.  The Time Has Come For The Talkers To Start Walking.

The Promise Has Been Kept.    Contact The Parties Listed Above For Any And All Pertinent Information.