14.  Heading On To Juneau, The State Capital

Center Right is the world famous Mendenhall Glacier.  It is large and has been there for eons.

Upper Center of photo depicts another view of the world famous Mendenhall Glacier.  Tours are available for a fee.

This is the Alaska Ferry System Office for Juneau.  The actual town of Juneau is about 12-13 miles inland from here.   If you did not bring your own transportation with you on the ferry, you have to either hitchhike or take a cab to town.  I cost the two of us with a lot of luggage (it was particularly hard to find a spot for the kitchen sink) $35 each way, including tip.  Much cheaper than renting a car or shipping our own along with us on the ferry.  Juneau is a wonderful town.  It was Bill's favorite and Jan probably agrees (at least for the moment).

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