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       Tom '50 and Mary '53 Russell    


Sam, Thanks for the site and the old photos of Oxnard and Kathy with Mugu rock behind her.  She sure chose a dangerous piece of Ocean to wade in. I never saw that first Oxnard High school.  At first I thought it might be the building that turned into Haydock Grammar School but I was only 8 when I went to school there. At that time the High School was already out on 5th street in the building that was the same as the one from which I graduated.  Now there is another one.   Do you know if it was the Haydock School building?  It was down where C Street crosses Wooley Road.  Right by the railroad tracks.   You remember the terra Cotta Lion in front of the old recreation building.  I always wondered who tore off his lower jaw.  I loved to sit on him and daydream.  I used to take a broom and sweep the sidewalk on all 4 sides of the recreation department so I could roller skate without running over the droppings from the Pepper trees.  Lordy, they smelled good.  Tom and I talked about playing in the rain filled gutters with our little pieces of wood that we called boats. He did it in Parson's Kansas and I did it in Oxnard.  It is a different world now. 

Love, Mary

Mary Harkey Russell

From Mary the lady who lives in Glasgow.  She is also the foremost expert on Exotic birds in Kentucky.  

Just wanted to show you that your efforts are making an impact. ---- Sam

Bill, just like a woman to tell you Yes and you think she may have said no.   I said Yes, use it.

Did you know any Band Members at OUHS?  My life revolved around the Band and Orchestra.

I graduated in 53 but in my classes that year I only went half a day.  I had Crafts, senior civics, Band and

Orchestra.  I also married in February of that year.  Still married to the same man.  He graduated from

OUHS in 1950.   Mary

Mary Harkey Russell '53 and her computers.    Very impressive setup.


GLASGOW - An open house will be held Saturday at the residence of Thomas H.
, 416 West Cherry Street, Glasgow, in his memory. Mr. Russell will be

Mr. Russell died sudden at his home on Wednesday, June 29, 2005. He was 74.

Mr. Russell was born Feb. 1, 1931 in Parsons, Kan. He served in the U.S.
Navy during the Korean Conflict. He worked at Camarillo State Hospital from
1948 until he retired in 1985. Mary Harkey Russell his wife worked at
Camarillo state hospital from 1962 until 1985.  the Russell family moved to
Glasgow, where they have lived for  20 years. Mr. Russell was a Kentucky
Colonel and a pioneer family of Barren County. His ancestor was Henry Dixon
for whom Dixon Cave in Mammoth Cave is named.

Mr. Russell is survived by his wife of 52 years, Mary Russell; two
daughters: Vicki Gail Russell of Glasgow, and Ruth Russell of Atascadero,
Calif.; one grandson: Jason Russell of Glasgow; one granddaughter: Margaret
Ann Russell-Spaethe of Atascadero, Calif.; one brother-in-law: James C.
Harkey of Glasgow; two nephews: Daniel Russell of Illinois and James Harkey
III of California; and several cousins.


Bill and Jan Williams:

Bill, here are two pictures and a short biography for the O.U.H.S. website.  I moved back to Seattle, Washington two days after graduation day. I have attended one reunion, which I believe was the 30th. It was the one that the classes of 1955 and 1957 were also invited to attend. I enlisted in the Coast Guard in 1958 and served two years and two months as an Engineman at lifeboat stations at Coos Bay, Oregon and Westport, Washington. I then attended the University of Washington and got a Bachelor of Science Degree in Forest Management in 1966. I worked for the Washington State Department of Natural Resources from 1966 to 1994 when I retired, spending the last fifteen years in the Fire Control Division attaining the position of Assistant Division Manager. After retirement I became a part-time consultant for an explosives company until 1999. My wife, Jan, and I were married in 1961 and are snowbirds who spend three-plus months each winter in Arizona and the Southwest. We have two children and four grandchildren. We also enjoy going on cruises and resorting in our fifth-wheel trailer. Below is a picture of me washing my 1959 Impala at the Grays Harbor Lifeboat Station in 1960. The other picture is of me and my wife on a recent cruise. Bill Williams.

It is quite obvious to anyone wearing their glasses that Bill married a much younger Lady. 

Way to go Bill!



Above is photo of Bill and Jan's "Home Away From Home" - A Top Of The Line Fifth Wheel Travel

Trailer.   To the Right of their "Home on Wheels" is a photo of Bill washing his 1959 Chevy Impala.


Above, Bill and Jan Williams on the Great Wall of China in 1986.   That had to have been an incredible

journey.  Thank you for sharing with us.   Right, Bill in Hong Kong in 1986.  Jan was either taking this

photo or inside a store shopping.


Above, Bill and Jan (boy, that sounds familiar) Williams visiting the B & J Hart Ranch in South Dakota in 1996.  They were trying to improve their short game.  Right, Bill taking a break as Logistics Section Chief in Fire Camp (At least that is what he told Jan) in 1984.   LSC is in charge of obtaining all personnel and equipment to fight forest fires.  Maybe there is actually an event called Fire Camp?   Have any of you seen this guy in a movie?

Photo of Bill and Jan Williams taken on a recent cruise.

Who among you knows what state this mellow scene is located in?   The Shadow do.


Lula Bell James Vomhof


Lu, Thank You For Serving Our Country In The United States Navy. We Are Proud Of You And We Appreciate The Sacrifices That You Made In Order To Serve. And, Those Two Degrees Aren't Chopped Liver! Nice To Hear From You. Remember the 50th.  




1950's Era Map Of Oxnard and Port Hueneme. Courtesy of Sam Turner, Class of 1956.

Great day on the water. We left the dock at 6:00am. We arrived at the

fishing grounds, the Guide sea mount, at 9:15 am. The day started with        

15 to 20 swells but very little wind. As the day went on the swells died

down and the seas flattened. Everyone was down to t-shirts by mid-

morning. The final count was 39 albacore to 26 pounds for 9 anglers.

George Jackson (Pat Spykerman) with Prize Winning fish. Not too bad!


In 1956 The Oxnard Hamateurs are sponsored by Dr. Kendall . As you might guess the club's purpose is to foster interest

in amateur radio. By contacting its membership one may have a message sent anywhere in the world free via amateur radio.

   This is a picture taken last week (5-5-05) before their oldest daughter's wedding. The site was Logan Shoals Outlook at Lake Tahoe.   Pat Spykerman Jackson, Class of 1957 and George Jackson, Class of 1956.  Pat is a "Red Hat" Lady.   How about a photo of the Bride and the Groom?

Who Among You Knows Where This Mellow Scene Is Located? The Shadow Do

A Very Proud Grandmother With Her Grandsons Just Before Her Passing.


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