Our Needs Page

You Can Help Us Build A Really Good Site

We need black and white and color photos of ALL the past Reunions.

We need help in getting ALL of our Classmates' current email and mailing addresses.

We need help in communicating that this Web Site is for EVERY Classmate that chooses participate.

We will do our best to build a good presentation of your photos and stuff (stuff is good) but we need you to get it in to us so that we can work with it and get it published. Getting the material to us is your responsibility. Publishing it is ours. You + Us = A Fun Site For All!

We Received A Listing Of Many Of Our Classmates From A Very Generous Anonymous Contributor. We Now Need Help In Verifying Each Mail And email Address. We Also Need Help In Locating Classmates Who Are Not On This Donated Listing. If You Would Like To Help In Any Of These Efforts, e-mail Us. You + Us = Success!

We Received Six (6) More Pages Of Photos Of the 20-Year Class Reunion. Those Who Were Not Invited Will Enjoy Looking At These. We Thank The Generous Anonymous Donor.

We Have Had Several Inquiries As To How Many Class Reunions That There Have Been? We Do Not Know The Answer To That Intriguing Question. This Editor Was Invited To Three And Attended Two. This Editor Has Lived In The Same House, At The Same Address, For Almost Forty Years. Finding Him Should Not Have Been A Problem. Does Anyone Out There Know Just How Many Reunions There Have Been, When And The Location? Please e-mail Us, If You Know.

We Have Added A Deceased And Missing (click on title) Page. Please Take Look At It And If You Know Where Some Of the Missing Classmates Are, Please e-mail Us. Thank You.

Fellow Classmate LULA B VOMHOF [lulavomhof@msn.com] came up with the following dates for past Reunions. Any additional information?  Lu, thank you very much for your contribution. The Editors.

I have saved some of the information on our reunions over the years. I may have more but have to look thru some of my papers. These are the dates I came up with. I haven't attended all of the reunions. 20th 8/7/76 Lobster Trap 25th 8/29/81 Lobster Trap (Western Fashion) 30th 7/23/86 Oxnard Hilton (combined classes) 35th 7/20/91 Mandalay Beach Resort 40th 8/17/96 Los Posas Country Club (I missed this one) 45th 7/21/01 Camarillo Grove Park.  Lu

We Need Photos And Stuff (stuff is good) On the 40-Year Class of 1956 Reunion. We Have Nothing On/About This Event. Please Contact Us If You Are Willing To Share What You Have.


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