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We Will Post The Special Requests, Needs, Messages, Life Experiences, etc., On This Page.  e-mail Information To Us For Posting.

The following is an example of a fellow Classmate that is facing a very real crisis.  Those of us that are fellow "Givers" may be moved to send a note of encouragement to fellow Classmate George Jackson, Class of 1956.  e-mail:   syoldduck@msn.com

As you warned,  cancer has a habit of coming back from remission.  I am afraid it came back on me in the worst possible way.  It is in my spinal cord and there is no real way of treating it. They are giving me radiation to allow some quality of life for awhile. I have great life and wife and am not bitter. Hope to live it in happiness and appreciation for whatever time is left. 

See you

Hello George.   As a so far cancer survivor (I take nothing for granted) I am going to lay it on the line for you.  Once we have experienced a great life with a great wife (a Red Hat, to boot) we are among the fortunate ones.  We are all going to have to go sometime and as far as I am concerned, the way we have to go is not that important.  What is important is that we are prepared to go at anytime.   Take time right now to be with and love Pat and your children and grand children.  That is the most important thing that you can do at this time.  Do not put this off.  It is very important to them to be able to remember the “good times.”   Please, do not tarry in this endeavor.  It is not you that will suffer, but your loved ones.   Never, ever give up.  Even though you may feel like you are on death’s door, do not let go.  None of us know what God has in store for us.  So, it is important that we hang tough.   If you wish to remain in contact with me for whatever reason, please do.   Go and give Pat a big hug right now and tell her how much you love her.  She needs that even more than you do.


I am doing all those things but I thank you for the confirmation.  I want to remain in contact and unfairly use you as a channel to those who might be interested in my status, etc. You are a great guy Bill, sometimes a little sharp but I got use to that and love you.  Hopefully I will beat the odds and get to the 50th and see you.

Bye now. ( I have never been very wordy)

Your friend George

Hello George.   I am honored that you wish to use me in any manner.   I think that you know by now that I will not B.S. you or feed you Pablum.   You are facing a very serious issue and mush doesn’t cut it in my opinion.  I prefer to deal in reality and the truth.  I will do my very best to help in any way that you request.   Never, ever give up.   Suffering does build character.  Incidentally, those “Red Hats” are Special Ladies.  Do not forget that!

You may contact George at:  syoldduck@msn.com  You may wish to send a note of encouragement to George's wife, Pat Spykerman Jackson, Class of 1957, to the same e-mail address. 

Hello Jeff. I am going to forward your note to some of our classmates that may be of some help to you. I knew Karen in High School and liked her. Not as boy friend - girlfriend, but as a person. Like many, we never saw each other after High School. Of course, I was saddened to hear of her passing as I have been with the passing of so many of our Classmates. Some of those that I forward your note to will ignore it as they ignore my own e-mails to them. However, there may be a couple of our Classmates out there that will overlook their feelings toward me and will choose to correspond directly with you. I hope so. I wish you the very best in your search.sincerely, Bill Helf.             



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To: bill@bill-helf.us
Subject: Karen Geertson

Dear Bill,

I was thrilled to discover your website dedicated to the Oxnard High School Class of 1956, and the mentions of Karen Geertson in particular. I was also saddened to learn that she had passed away. Karen and I are distant cousins, via our common ancestor in Denmark, and I have been a long time seeking a living descendant from that branch of the family. I learned of Karen from back issues of the Oxnard paper which are available from Ancestry.com. I also learned that she had a sister Gloria, who was about 7 years older. I learned from your class reunion pictures that Karen married a man named Ed? (hard to read) Smith, and attended the 25th and 30th Reunions.

I have many questions about this family, especially if there are children that I can contact, and so I was hoping that you could help me find someone who knew Karen well enough to give me some facts or put me in touch with a family member. I have spent the last 3 years living in Denmark, and I have a tremendous amount of information about the Geertson family that I am anxious to share.

Is it possible that you could tell me when Karen died, and if her husband is still alive? Anything you could tell me about her or her family would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for putting this information on the web.

Best regards,

Jeff Geertsen
Mesa, AZ

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