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Whoa!  Here is a late entry (about one year late) in our Computer Work Station Contest.    Had this baby been submitted a year ago it would have won First Prize.   This person never let Pride take control of its life or anything else.    We are too embarrassed to identify if this is from a male or female.    This takes the cake!    We can admit that it is the working environment of a member of The Class of 1956.

Nice job with the wires!

Oxnard, CA, Circa 1951

The Big Oak.  Located on the corner of Crawford Street and East Monroe Street, in the state of Georgia, Thomasville's mighty and majestic 323-year-old oak tree stands as one of the show spots of the city and one of the marvels of benevolent nature. This Quercus Virginiana is wider than the Niagara Falls is deep and is the largest live oak tree east of the Mississippi. It was enrolled as a member of the National Live Oak Society in 1936. Free to the public.


LATE ENTRY.   About a year after our Work Station Special Edition ended, we received the following entry to our Special Event.  

"Finally got me a small computer desk to replace the old Apple computer box I had the Mac sitting on before.   Sure is good to finally get things organized.

You can be your own judge as to whether this even belongs in this section.   The entry follows:

Since "lack of pride" was never a factor in determining conditions of entry, we decided to preclude action by the A.C.L.U. by including this disgusting non-professional and tacky photo that clearly depicts an obviously deranged mind.

Do we really have to put up with this extra clean, totally organized, "in your eye" exhibit of Good Housekeeping? Send your e-mail comments to the editor for review and possible posting if understandable after sanitizing.

Mr. Clean responds:

"First off I have no junk or things that should go into the trash....This is all good stuff and somewhere down the line I might need it or some unfortunate friend or neighbor might find themselves in deep ---- and need some of that good stuff whether it be software, instruction, Windows 3.11 for workgroups boot disk or Windows 95 boot disk, Floppy disk with old defunct CD Rom and or Modem Drivers on it.
Furthermore to rub it in a little further I never delete or re format a CF or dX card until it gets full and I back it all up to CD on the Ingram Backstor.  I of course have it also on my external hard drive cataloged by camera and date and when possible by subject.
However at times I do trash things like candy wrapper, software box wrappers (not the boxes) and so on.  When I do trash something I am decisive. Nothing ever gets pulled out of the two gallon trash can I use and fill every four weeks. Its kind of like holding down the Shift key as you drag something to the trash its gone."   Kind of sad, isn't it?  The Editor.

Now this is how a working Computer Station should look.  You can almost smell the sweat permeating the room.  Everything in sight and within reach.  A classic model for all to strive to. 

This Computer Work Station appears to belong to a legless Veteran (note, no place used/needed to put feet).   Has what appears to be a military M1 at the ready.   Person is either homeless or is prepared to become homeless on a moments notice (note all the plastic bags piled under the desk).  I can't seem to locate the shopping cart 'borrowed' from the Safeway and used to stow and transport the items in the plastic bags.  My suggestion is that someone in the family should call the Health Department if they have a working phone available.  Child Services should also be called.  If I had seen this before I started my clean up project, I would have never started.   My original setup was close to a Hospital Operating Room compared to this.  I had no idea just how squared away I was.  This person needs some serious help right now. 

The Following Represents A Serious Attempt To Clean Up A Computer Work Station:

Trying To Enter The Room.

Making Progress.

Yes, This Is A Big Improvement.

Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged!


Here Are Some Of The Actual Comments That Have Come In From All Over: 


wow ... I'm impressed with the progress you've made
I have to tear my office apart on Saturday ... my new windows are scheduled for installation and my desk is in front of the window ... guess it will give me a chance to find all the treasures that have disappeared to the abyss behind the desk

Thank you Bill!

Great pictures,
maybe I have to start to clean my
PC-room tomorrow!!!
We got some snowflakes today.
Have a great evening!
hugs, Marja

Well I as your friend.........did not make bad
remarks. I think it looks wonderful. Carole

 it looks like somewhat of an improvement but not quite :)

Looks to me like you took a step backwards.
Now you know that if you put the computer on the floor you will have some valuable stacking


I think that is a very nice work station.  Only a hillbilly would make snide remarks.  Pay no attention.  I'm pleased with mine too and I'm still working at it.
Ain't it awful.  I'm not going to feel good until I get all my stuff back and my geek-O-sphere is as cluttered as much as my mine.
are you crazy! 
I'd be tarred and feathered ... and called and imposter ... my workstation obviously belongs to a very sick person!
Bill ... you certainly have stirred up a lot of interest in your project ... looks like the start of a contest
Mary K
The last picture is truly revolting.  My desk is worse 
  Tomorrow I must see about getting myself a gun.  Maybe a shotgun-- double barrell----------- yes That sounds good.  I can use it in case someone else wants to see my office, or unless some hillbilly comes to my house naked begging to be photographed.  Good night
If your work station is more cluttered than the first, and you are a healthy, vigorous, intelligent and self-directed master, then My work station is without a doubt the Geek-O-Sphere  of a genius .
Pretty obvious to me that a man  with nothing on his  desk also has nothing on his  mind.  That fits the  hillbilly type that we occasionally see crawl out of their " holler" up in the hills east of me.  Best way to catch one of them is beer laced with Epson salts-- then you can catch them when they go to their outhouse.  Does he really have a clean? desk  gag!
Now that you have your office organized, how would you feel about coming up here and tackling mine????  If I should drop dead, I wouldn't want to do this to my children.
Geez, Bill, and I thought MY workplace looked bad!!!!

Yes, we all need a good laugh!  You should have a contest to see how everyone one else has their computer room.  I know I keep finding more things to put in my computer room.  Lu

Well, I know the feeling...our work room - mostly Leslie's area - looks like a hurricane hit it.  Happy Thanksgiving to you, Jan and family.

The Winner!

Unless someone comes up with a more repulsive, disorganized, unhealthy, dysfunctional or otherwise more worthy total disaster, The Editors are declaring this mess as the all time worst Work Station of our universe. Since the owner obviously needs professional care, we will not release any I.D. so as to preclude relatives/associates from humiliation and embarrassment (or, worse). 


looks like a winner to me, also

have a great Thanksgiving
Mary K
ps ... I actually took pictures of my office yesterday ... it's so squeaky clean now that I'm embarrassed to share them ... but I will in the near future


Now comes an example of a clean, efficient, well organized and spacious Work Station.  The entrant has been put under Our Own Protection Plan as the person is concerned about their safety and well being.  That is understandable as this entry is beyond our comprehension.  Clean can be a threat!


I feel very unworthy to participate in your "contest" as I do not have a real computer workstation ... my desk for the past 25 years has been a door set on top of two 2-drawer file cabinets ... I found the computer desks too confining ... and my supplies are stored in a 6-drawer dresser my mother-in-law gave me ... but, it works for me and gives me lots of room to spread out projects ... even room to pursue my hobby of architectural design and space management!!!



thanks for protecting my life!

I don't know about the first option ... but can attach a word doc with the pictures ... or you can right click on the Ofoto pictures and save them into your file
here's the word doc ... let me know if this works ok for you

amazing ... technology blows my mind at times

thanks for the belly laugh ... and for including me in your project

Caution:  Any threats of bodily harm will be dealt with in a harsh and unpleasant manner. 

Here is a novel dual Work Station.   Note laptop and liquor share the same work surface.  This is no doubt a space saver with the added convenience of having a refreshment at one's right hand, so to speak.  Do not hold your breath on this one.  The Editors.


Well Bill, it isn't New Years yet and that is when I clean up the work areas but you neat freaks shamed me into finding an neater work area.. -- S.  Nice try "S." but that dog won't fight (or, is it run? bark? hunt? I think that's the right activity).  We are trying to run a legitimate competition here.  This seems staged to us unless you prefer to stand when you imbibe.  If that is the case, we will enter your entry, awaiting confirmation that you do stand up while imbibing.  The Editors.

Sooner or later the Truth manages to reach the surface and fight for a spot among the flotsam and the jetsam.  The following photo tells the rest of the story; apparently the bottle has been emptied and the entrant just reclined right at his work station to "sleep it off."   How convenient.  How novel.  Not a chance, Mister.  We have some of the lowest standards on the Internet, but your set-up is lower than we are allowed to go without losing our reputation as a low standard operation.  Nice second try.  The Editors.

My latest entry should compete with the neat freak.  Only the necessities of life on that work area.

Some folks just don't get it!

Now if you are into contrasts, take a good look at the above Work Station and then take a good look at the Work Station that follows.  A little pride and self-respect is not a sin and should not be treated as such.  The following contributor has also been put in Our Own Protection Plan due to the threats to those who have neat, clean, tidy and well organized Work Stations.  Keep sending photos.


Bill ... it's nice to know there is at least one other atypical computer user out there ... thanks

Whoa, is that "atypical" some kind of sexist term?  The Editors.

Is this gal looking for a Saturday night date?   Or, how the Stocks are doing?   In any case, she is one intent canine.  Answers to Dolina.


Thought you'd really enjoy this one, Bill...There may be more of these around than we think. 
 Taking one to the seat of the problem.  ;-) 
Something I know we all have been waiting for has finally happened!
You can expect to hear from me even more frequently now!

I FINALLY got the bathroom remodeled!

Very, very nice.  It is this type of ingenuity that has made America great.   I presume

that the paperwork has been located out of sight and not just forgotten.  You have

every reason to be proud of your new Work Station.

Oh! how wonderful.  I want one  and hope they sell one with a foot stool.  What a

great place for a genealogist.  All it needs is a near bye refrigerator for my Cola. 

Oh Wow! Mary

This project has been a lot of fun for a number of us.  If we can't have a good laugh once in a while, we are in trouble.  Laughter is good for the soul and is refreshing for the spirit.  Thank you for visiting with us.  If you have photos that you would like to share, e-mail them to us for posting.

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